Get to know us!

The Herd

Our milking herd is made up of 100% Jersey cows. Jerseys are small heritage breed cows, that are not high volume producers, but their butterfat to milk ratio is out of this world! In addition to the milk being extra creamy, it is also packed with more nutritional goodies.

The Feed

The ladies of the herd graze on certified organic pastures as the weather permits (Spring-Fall). They are also given high-quality organic alfalfa and timothy grass hay. In addition to that, we supplement with Redmond’s salt/mineral mix and diatomaceous earth. We never feed any grains, give hormones or give antibiotics to our cows.

The Milking Process

Our method is simple and efficient.

1. The concrete milking pad is freshly cleaned before every milking session.

2. The hay feeder is filled with organic alfalfa.

3. The sanitized milk buckets, hoses, and inflations are assembled and put in place.

4. The cows are brought in and prepared for milking.

  • Udders and legs are sprayed with warm water and dried
  • teats are each given a cleansing squirt
  • each teat is dipped in iodine and wiped down
  • The inflations are attached and the udder is massaged to encourage let-down

5. After the milk is extracted, each teat is dipped in a cleanser/conditioner and the cow is set free.

6. The milk is then strained, bottled and immediately placed in ice to preserve flavor and prevent bacterial growth.

7. The milking equipment is then rinsed, washed with dairy soap and acid and rinsed again.

8. The entire processing room is sanitized and wiped down after each milking.

We take cleanliness and the health of the herd as our top priority. Also, we only milk once a day to put less stress on our cows. We do not push them to produce unnatural amounts of milk, which makes happy cows and rich creamy milk!

Please contact us for a tour. We’d love to show you what we do in person!